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Hello !

    My name is BananamansPrincess, I'm 15 and live in Wales.

    I love to read and write; but I'm more of a reader as i've only ever wirtten in my English lessons at school- oh I did start a Harry Potter fan fiction once! (looks down slighly embrassed). I really want to turn my hand to it though, and see if I am any good. Although i wont be able to write until the summer ( after my GCSE"s).

     My hobbies are pretty much the ususal ones really, just being with my friends, going on the computer, reading, music.

My favorite books- or types of books are, well i like all types really but i read alot of Diary styled ones ( theres a word begining with P that means that, and if anyone could fill me in on it I'd be very grateful !!!! =]). Ummm i like adventure and just normal teenage girl books really, oh and Harry Potter and Twilight (but i havent tread it yet...) 

    I really hope does me  this site some good, I really don't want to lose my skills because I'm not taking English next year :( so though this would be a good idea.

As you can see, I tend to go on and on and on ....

Anyway I'll see you around!


BananamansPrincess (or BP for short)   

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