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Hello, This is me. I generally hate letting people see my musings, but my friend persuaded me to set up this as its almost anonymous *strangled yell*. I have always loved reading, and always loved to write and i hope that my wordings are not too weird. One problem is that i struggle with finsihing my stories.... the ideas just keep coming and coming and coming and i cant put them into words!!!! I'd always aprreciate any advice So this could help wihtthat aswell.

But enough about that,, a bit about me:

My music taste= Extremely random and queestionable. Depends on my mood. One thing though: female opera makes me extremely irritable :D

Books!!!!= Anything. Big books are especially good as they dont stop just as you get into them. I love the classics and a lot of chick lit :/ and also some deep books, that tell you about life and emotions. I like emotion. Its goood

Films= Justa bout the same as above ^^

Life= I'm the kind of lass that wiill feel emotions storngly. I will cry easily at books films even the simplest things. But i try to be happy and i hipe that will help.

I look forward to reading other writers work and seeing what is good, and possibly makign some new friends, as well as living and writing my dreams :D

anna x

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