a 23-year-old chick from England, United Kingdom

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"Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are. - we can never stop imagining what things are and what they could be - and even when we know the moon will still be cheese and the stars will be diamonds."

hey guys - hmm - it's quite difficult writing  about yourself actually - so sum up your entirety in merely words! Well, maybe some absics couldn't hurt! Hmm - what could basics be?

Eye colour: Grey

Hair: Blonde atm.


Colour: Turquoise

Animal: Wolf

Foods/drinks: Barbequed Bananas with maple syrup, Mint Ice-cream, Daim Bar and Gingerbread syrup Dizzy cow milkshake (soya milk and soya ice-cream).

Author/s: Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, William Diehl.

Some interesting things about me:

1. I make jewellery and anything else that involves beads or threads or sewing or knitting.

2. I was born with a condidtion called Cerebral Hemiplegia and my form is Spastic Diplegia - so I'm on ctutches for the rest of my life so whoopee!

3. I also have Aspergers Syndrome! Lucky me! two problems (but I cope - if you don't you jsut sit there festering).

4. I'm at college taking AS level English Language, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

5. I learnt how to read/write/spell at the age of 8 but wrote unreadable stories and made up many more since waaaaaaaaaaaay before that!

6. I have three very annoying sisters and one of them has two different coloured eyes. 

7.  I've been an atheist since the age of 12.

8. I have a parrot called Onion because we originally were going to get a budgie and call it this (geddit - Onion Budgie?) but the budgies were evil little buggers and Onion took a liking to me! (The name sorta stuck but she's also called the psycho penguin).

9. I can dislocate my finger from the last joint on my left ring finger then put it back.

10. There is most probably more interesting things about me but I can't think of them yet - plus does there have to be ten?

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