a 23-year-old chick from England

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"'we are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed, perplexed; but not in despair, persecuted, but not abandoned, struck down but not destroyed.' Corinthians, 4-8"

I'm not really normal for a teenage girl, but then again, who can say they are normal, or rather, who would say it, because the concept of normal has been lost. I guess what I'm saying is that I'm not into clothes, hair or make-up, and I have no aversion to people nor am I shy. See, I don't care what I look like or what people think off me, I play football and ultimate frisbee. I guess the only girly thing I do is dance, I love dancing even though I'm not the most coordinated person.

I see things differently to most people. I don't see fair and unfair in the sense of life and the world because I don't believe you can categorize life into such simple spectrums. My favourite things are obviously and admittedly very cliched; they are watching sunrises because I love the fact that somewhere, someone I've never met before is doing exactly the same thing and I love the fact that we will probably never meet. I love helping people, I'll talk and smile to everyone, I also love sitting in window sills, probably the least cliched but that's where you'll find me if you want me. No jokes, I even did it on a ferry earlier in the month.

Hum, me. I like music, it doesn't mean as much to me as my friends but if it's got a base, I'll dance, if it's got lyrics that aren't about the artists ridiculous impressions of love I'll sing it. Mostly things like Blink-182, Second Hand Serenade, Pendulum, Elliot Minor, Sum 41, Rellient K. Etc, you get the picture.

Fate means a lot to me, but I'm not sure if I believe in it. Probably because I write a lot of fantasy and that's a fairly big part in my plots.

I want to be a history teacher and am toying with the idea of teaching at a school for deaf children because, even though I'm not deaf, I find it relatively easy to pick up sign language.

May ink trail your path.


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