a gentleman from the United Kingdom

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"S.T.U.P.I.D Smart Talented Unique Person In Demand"

Im just a regular guy (I think), who thinks far too much and often doesnt know how to express it.

I may end up writing a load of rubbish, but hey its just an out let for hidden deeper emotions (or something like that)

I think some of it may be ok, its mostly stuff that sounds good in my head, usually song based, that i thought i should type up.

I really have no idea what im typing at the moment, I dont understand myself all that well at the moment, I use to think I did, but then bam stuff happens.

I had a good childhood, and in all honesty i think I may of been a bit too sheltered, because I often feel that it was all too easy, with no real life problems, how the @#!*% am I supposes to grow strong feelings? With out any resistance the river will surely run dry (with no lake or anything).

Some people have been through some really bad stuff and then there's me... nope nothing too bad... well I think that sums it up.

Enjoy reading it, unless its awful, in which case say, I dont mind (honest)...

P.s If it sounds weak, its probably because of the lack of swearing which I dont agree with, I dislike it being said, and I hate/regret ever saying it, but thats just me

P.p.s I probably wont write nearly as much stuff as anyone else on here, its just not the way I the moment...I think...

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