a 47-year-old dude from Orangeburg, NY, United States

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"Okay. But, I'm saying, it's like, I don't want to cram in sex or guns or car chases, you know... or characters, you know, learning profound life lessons or growing or coming to like each other or overcoming obstacles to succeed in the end, you know. I mean... The book isn't like that, and life isn't like that. You know, it just isn't. And... I feel very strongly about this." - Charlie Kaufman, ADAPTATION


When a piece of radioactive pencil lead became embedded in Alex Romero’s thumb, he suddenly found himself with the proportionate strength, speed, and wit of a human writer! Henceforth, he decided to use his newfound abilities for justice as… Writer-Man!

I am one of the incoming refugees from

I’m primarily a screenwriter/filmmaker, and amateur screenwriting teacher, but I find joy in all forms of creative expression, from drawing and painting to cooking. I’ve recently discovered what a great outlet blogging is, and I’m hoping this site helps me to flex my prose muscles!

My first bunch of entries have been reposts of my stuff from Ficlets to here...

Currently, I'm reading:

  • Buzzmarketing by Mark Hughes
  • Noli Mi Tangere (Touch Me Not) by Jose Rizal
  • Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2009

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