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"It was only ten years ago ther replaced trial by combat with trial by lawyer. And that was ony becouse the found out lawyers were nastier."

NaNoWriMo also known as distract me and die month.

The time where we go scrible. compete and hope to win(thanks for that dell)

I Like Turtles

And Dragons to

Along with wolves phonixes and many more.

Azoth, Az for short

Profesion: None, although I am an unoficial psyciatrist and part time ninja.

Age: 14, Or just look up there *points up*

Hobies: A few, Piano (Teaching myself). Games, any type, other than pink, I HATE pink. 

Musical instruments: Piano(grade 2-3 (Ish)).
French horn(grade7(only learning for, around four years)).
Recorder, yes it IS sad, i did it when i was 6-8 got to grade five. Quit and promptly smashed it (0_0).
Violin: no grades, hated it.
Flute: see above.
Trumpet: Grage 3-4, I liked it, then had to give up (+_+) It is now dead.

Writing: No experience, just picking it up, Del kinda made me get Protag. Have entered NaNo, Becouse a person forced me to, not saying who*cough*Del*cough*, but will probably fail.(0...0)

Must remember

Thats enough about that. So...

I am depressed when I see greatness,
and depressed when greatness sees me,
so when see greatness,
and when greatness sees me,
depressed is what I be,
me and my soliloquy.


It is a well known fact that a lie can get halfway round the world before the truth has got its boots on. For lies fly and The truth dies.

Random stuf...

SMILEY!!!!!!: Have way to may, once did a word doc,  ful page, fun.
Adictions: No drugs, just Games, Chocolate, Tea and Protagonize

Strange things, cant understand why people go after bands so much?

And why everyone (mostly) manages to ordertheir life.

Also why those oh so predictable books get so many readers. and the good ones (in my opinion) actualy are lesser known.

Finaly why people buy or look at a writers books, even if they are not good, just becouse they are famous. 

To put it i short. LIFE CONFUSES ME.
expetialy the spelling. i dont get that.


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