a 25-year-old from somewhere in the Middle Ages

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"I'd much rather to be hated for who I am than to be loved for who I'm not."

The biggest mistake people make upon meeting me is a question. Or a series of questions.

You do not need to know my name, gender, hometown, occupation, or anything from the vast list kept under my desk lamp which is entitled "Favourites". 

What you need to know is that my chosen moniker is Axel, and that everything else is unimportant until I decide that it has some relevance to my relationship with you, dear reader.

Besides, first impressions are often misleading. There is no guarantee that your first impression of me will match the honest truth I give when I do decide to answer your mistake. More people have denounced my truths upon hearing them than have actually believed them.

My favourite pleasantry is a gesture which needs no mouth to make a sound; a swift slap of raised palms and nothing else but a parting of ways, unless there is conversation to be had.

I speak only when I feel there is need to speak. This habit tends to leave me silent for several hours, giving most the misconception that I am a "quiet person". Nothing could be further from the truth, as I am actually quite vocal when I can be coaxed into conversation.

My chosen literary genre is fantasy: I prefer making the rules, as opposed to following them.

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