a 42-year-old guy from Vancouver, Canada

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I've been writing short stories since high school, until one of my ideas ballooned into what would have to be a trilogy. I got intimidated and stopped writing for a while, but my creativity demanded to be heard and I found myself playing Dungeons & Dragons, creating entire campaign worlds filled with fantastic adventures. I love world-building, and my players loved my stories, but I wanted more satisfaction and had more ideas. I returned to writing, avoiding the big project that still haunted me.

About five years ago I discovered screenwriting and realized my big project was actually a TV series. When I realized that the whole story fell into place and I knew I'd found my passion project. The only problem was I had no idea how to write a screenplay, so I began researching to educate myself. Now I've written and sold a feature script, I'm writing two more scripts on commission, I've written dozens of shorts and won a few small contests, and I developed and wrote the pilot for my TV series.

I also learned I'm great at story analysis and enjoy critiquing, consulting, and collaborating on everything from screenplays to comics. If it tells a story, I can get excited by it and want to help to reach its full potential. I work as a writer-for-hire, mostly screenplays but also narrated comics and books. 

My specialty is coming up with creative solutions to story problems and the challenge of tight restrictions, whether through writing exercises, calls for submissions, or consulting on someone else's project. The greater the challenge, the more excited I get by it. Tell me I have one hour to write five pages that must contain a robot, a feather, a talking monkey, and a shark with a laser and I'd spend that hour bouncing happily in my seat while my fingers fly across the keyboard.

I recently returned to my older short stories and have been wanting to rewrite them, having learned so much more about writing and storytelling. This site is the perfect opportunity for me to revisit and share them.

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