a 20-year-old girl from Sheffield, United Kingdom

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"I am of the belief that if you can answer more than fifteen detailed questions about your character, they are not a real person."

A bit of background info

My full name is Emily Autumn Mariah McGlashan. However, if you so wish, you may come up with any nickname you like.

My current profile picture is, as always, the most recent picture of me that I find worthy. I was wearing my pyjamas when I took it.

My hair is naturally curly. I go through phases of getting it cut short and letting it grow long. It's an annoying thing to have on my head.

I am roughly five foot four.

My younger sisters are existent but irrelevant. (That was only partially a joke.)

I also have a boyfriend, whose name is Adam, who you can find on Protag by clicking on his name just there. He writes lovely poems sometimes.

Things I love (Favourites)

  • Secondhand Serenade.
  • Playing my guitars, Diana and Kevin.
  • Sara Bareilles, Kelly Clarkson and Vanessa Carlton.
  • Music. Singing. I sing everywhere and all the time. I have evidence to say I'm good at it. I'd sing even if I wasn't.
  • Waitress the Musical

Why I Write.

So you may have guessed, I love to write. Like, all the time. Although I don't tend to finish my stories, and I have a load of characters who don't have stories.

A habit I have with my characters is that if my narrator is a female character, she will have a brother or male best friend who is gay. And if I write as a guy, he's rarely straight. I don't even know why. I have done it on Protag.

Writing is fun, and expands imaginations. And gives me something to do in my free time, of which I seem to have more than everyone else. 

My Rules of Writinghood

  • I enthusiastically encourage correction of my spelling punctuation, and grammar. So if you ever see some bad SPG in my writing, you can be all like "How dare you?" 'Cause seriously, how dare I?
  • I write every day. Anything. I have like twenty different stories on my laptop, and I write in at least one of them a day. 
  • I'm open minded. So I don't just stick to female characters, first person, personal experience and romance (even though that is my favourite way to write). And I at least consider an idea when someone suggests it to me.
  • I read other people's writing. This is a very good practice. It gives me new ideas, ways of writing, and inspiration. So really it kind of links in with the open minded point.
  • I edit my work. Sometimes. Probably not as often as I should, but I still do. This also involves going back to stuff I wrote yonks (yonks: an long time. May vary depending on your opinion of what a long time is) ago and making it better with my new and improved writing abilities.
  • And finally, I know that there is always room for improvement. Different people write in different ways, so there are so many branches of the writing tree there to grasp, there is always going to be something I can be better at.

Active Collabs

Dream Land
A free-for-all add-venture in second person. Great for when you have writers block or when you want to write, but not your work in progress.

Active/Completed Solos

The Lyric Archive
Songs which I wrote. Most of them are love songs, but d'you know how hard it is not to accidentally turn something into a love song?

The Gazebo
Lola Tarapachii is fifteen and already has the responsibility of an average parent. With a brother who won't eat, an alcoholic mother and a best friend who won't stick to one personality, her life seems to be falling apart bit by bit. Not to mention Trish and her group of boys.

The Dreaming Trilogy
Four teenagers find themselves the last people on earth. This is a story about what they do. The third story is currently on hold while I rewrite the first two, but still feel free to read.

A Short and Tragic Story
Katie and Luke have always been best friends. But now Katie is moving away, so they take Katie's brother Michael and Luke's sister Honey on a goodbye trip to London. However, this trip is cut short with an unhappy ending.

And to end this delightful meeting, a controversial opinion: The Fault In Our Stars is not the best thing ever. It is, in fact, ever so slightly overrated.

Feel free to follow me on twitter if you like sarcasm, complaints about life, late night mental breakdowns, and what I think are witty comments.

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