a 17-year-old femme from The Land of Pegacorns

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"Writing takes you places you could never go before. Want to go to the land of bubblegum? Go get your pencil and paper, and go to the land of bubblegum."

Hi there! I'm Bailee. I've seen other people's profiles, and are they ever long! (Longer than Kim Kardashian's marriage. Teehee.) Okay. That might have given you one piece of info about me. Or two. I have bad jokes, and I laugh at my bad jokes. ANYWAY.

I love to write. And some people say 'I've been writing since I knew how to!' But imma be honest here. It was only 2 years back when I realized I loved to write. And that, yeah, I was kinda good at it. Okay, let's be honest with each other here: I blew everyone else outta the freaking water.

So. I was reading a book that my dad's friend wrote, and I saw that she also developed the publishing company (PaperBox Books) and I decided to check out her website. I looked through the authors page, and the processing page, and the way it works page, and then I found it.

Okay, long story short, I found this website on her website.

Anyway, I had made a bad joke about KimK's marriage before, and I remember that that ties in to making my profile short. So it's gonna be short.


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