a 19-year-old cat from a rat hole, United States

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Korey Thane is merely just a surname. I create stories here for a purpose: to bring me back into the world of writing that I used to be submerged in. Right now I'm doubtful, which is why I just post stories on here to progress my writing skills - not to attract critics. Besides, these scrabbles are so bad that it'd be a waste for a critic to come and destroy them anyways.

The characters in my stories can be imagined in any style - cartoons, real life, or anime/manga. I imagine them in an anime/manga style however, since 1.) I draw in that style and 2.) I particularly am not a fan of reality itself and favor that style more. That doesn't mean I suggest you perceive them the same way I do, but it's just a pointer just in case if it seems to complicated / over the top for you.

For my stories: they have random POV's, random themes, nearly random everything. I get my inspiration from both the most common and the most weirdest places possible; and I don't like bragging.  I hope I'm not making anyone in particular think that I'm boasting about myself - I'm actually pretty awkward when it comes to talking myself. I'll do it anyways, for the sake of anyone interested enough to read my profile, but beware, there lies a terribly-typed up description below in which I plan to improve and sort out later. Maybe not. I am a busybody sometimes... /sarcasm

Overall, I have a horrible, horrible temper and patience; but I try to be smart (when I'm dumb), a hard-worker, and certainly better at doing the hobbies I ever so love. Oh, I'm also a huge sucker for History, mainly Greek and Roman. I also have a penchant for mythology too for again, Greek, but I'm also growing an interest to Norse as well. Speaking about myself in (awful) reality: I'm a female Asian who's the only one born in the U.S. in my family. I drink tons of milk; my hobbies are drawing, writing (or, used to be, I'm trying to get back on it), thinking, eating, and procrastinating. I have a habit to get a totally different idea and ditch another project I'm working on, and just a warning: I like bastardizing many things that people portray as "realistic". Then again, that probably didn't come out right... Did you know that I stink at explanations? I really do. Oh, and debates. Yes, I stink at them too.

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