a 23-year-old shorty from Port Moody, BC, Canada

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"There is no such thing as coincidence... only the inevitable." ~Yuuko Ichihara (CLAMP)


Depending on the kanji character, "Ato" could mean "after; later" or "a trace; a mark; etc." in Japanese.

I want to be an author who will leave a mark behind in the souls of my readers. I want to be an author who will evoke SOME kind of emotion in my readers when they finish reading my stories.

My name is my goal: This is what I will always strive to be, and this is what I will always fight myself to be.


Occupation: Student, writer, manga artist/illustrator
My deviantART:
Race: Pikabunny/Pikabunnychu
Gender: WHY DON'T THEY HAVE THE OPTION FOR BUNNY?! (They have cat and bird, why not bunny?!)

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