a 37-year-old gentleman from Surrey, BC, Canada

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"Don't try to be a 'Great Man'; just be a man, and let History make it's own judgement."

I am an explorer of possibilities. The two most awe-inspiring and, at the same time, most frightening words... "What if..." I love stories, music & philosophy; the fathomless wonders of the mind and heart. Life is an adventure; I'm hoping to find the right co-pilot for my starship.

I'm a geek, a brainiac and a kid-at-heart in size 12 shoes. I play board games and video games while having philosophical debates on the meanings of life and the universe. I love being active outdoors and exploring the world around me as much as just chillin' with friends watching a movie. I love to sing, love to dance and love to cuddle. 

I'm playful and enjoy many things in life, but I won't put up with head games. I like to be gentle and have a good time... but I'll put my foot down if I feel the need to. I want to feel wanted, needed, craved... but I won't be made a fool. Don't mistake relaxed for weak. I'm working on bettering my life and want to associate with like-minded people. 

I'm in my first year of an Undergraduate degree, working towards a Ph.D. in Counselling Psychology, and am a Motivator at GoodLife Fitness in Surrey, BC.

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