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"We may never meet again, but we'll never forget each other." -Squall Leonhart

Hyello person viewing my profile! My name is Ataki, or atleast that is what I am called inside the internet world. I am an 21 year old guy who really doesn't care for a lot of stuff, like insults, grammar misspelling, and etc.. 

My interest in things can be rather very expanded or diminished, depending on my mood. Some times I may want to write a novel! Other days I don't want to write at all because of my declining mood, or fear. My main fear is rejection. I HATE being rejected, whether it's from me asking a girl out or me putting change into a machine to get some coconuts. 

I am very random at times, and have a stable mind. Yes, I do think dirty sometimes, but that is not the case. My mind can fix and configure itself to something once it has interested me. Like Video Games for example. I am an alright scholar, even though if the subject bores the living crap out of me, I wont learn much from the subject. Again, if something grabs my attention, it's worth learning. 

There are few things in this world; My Friends and My Family. My friends are my pieces to my life puzzle. Some come into my life, others leave me, making me constantly have to adjust, but that is fine since I have learned to adapt. My family, like scattered insane patience in an Asylum for the world, are pretty crazy to be honest and almost all of us have split from home base. My Grandmother and Grandfather died on the same year, months separated. My life was scarred when I found my grandfather dead on the floor when I was about 16. Now I live with the haunting memory forever, like a burden. 

Alright, that is enough with sob stories since that isn't why you are here in the first place. All in all, I have a wide imagination and like to do things, rather your opinion is mean or thoughtful. I hope we can get along though.~ Until then, Mr. Stranger, have fun with the rest of your day. 

Ti'll we meet again.~ 

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