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"normal people scare me"

hello xx

Favourite Authors: Sophie Mckenzie, Cecelia Ahern and of course Stephenie Meyers

Favourite Colours: red,orange and black :)

Hobbies.: Piano (i love my music) hanging around with my mates, going out shopping, cinema, and i love reading, not sooo much writing but i thought i would give this a go :) xx  

Personality: I'm a bit crazy, i go on and off. somtimes i act all my age and grown up and sometimes i just let loose and go crazy, acting like a 3 year old but thats just me and my friend dont mind it at all. :) all my friends say i am really funny. i am not a total boff but one thing i can say is that i am a big book worm and love to find people who have read the same books as me so i can dicuss my love for the book with them :) xxx

Appearence: short, recently cut, dark brown, layered hair. i have green eyes beilieve it or not, and quite a lot of people say i am quite small, which i am actually really proud of :) xx

About Me: I'm 14 and I go to Mayflower High School.i am soooooooo bad at spelling but hope that people will still be able to read my hiddious writing lol xxx

MY WORK.: i like to write childrens books mostly, but i do also like writing teen books on mystical creatures. most of my first stories will be ones that i wrote ages ago on a scrap bit of paper and never finnished them.

love you protag people xxx

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