a 39-year-old gentleman from Asheville, United States

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"Only the few know the sweetness of the twisted apples."

As a writer, my style was highly influenced by the works of Sherwood Anderson, William Faulkner, e.e. cummings, Langston Hughes and Walt Whitman.  No, I don't expect any comparisons to those writers, nor do I think that my writer's voice any such comparisons.   But you have to have goals, and I feel I've set mine pretty high.

I started to write a play in middle school, about the life story of Minamoto Yo!^#$sune of Japan, but I never finished it.   I had been strongly encouraged by some folks who came to visit our school from a local theatre playhouse, but alas, I began a trend that would dog me to this day.

I've always known that words spoke to me in a way that, I felt, was deeper and richer than the way words spoke to the majority of others.  I enjoy that way the turn of phrase makes the difference in what you feel.  I remember the first time I read through Winesburg, Ohio how blown away I was.  It was something to read an author's words that so closely echoed the way I viewed certain things in the world.  I was at that moment that I began to write poetry and short prose.  

I have a few larger projects in mind.  Mostly suspense-horror related items.  

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