a 24-year-old chick from melbourne ,vic

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ummmm im not so sure what i have to write in here,,,

my story Kate is about my life, when i was 10 my mum and brother died and when i was 14i started to date my bestfriend who i am still wiht (<3 u logan) my dad got remarried and on the honeymoon his wife found out she had brain cancer, she found out she was pregnant when i was 16 and passed away giving birth and 5 months ago my dad kiiled himslef ,,,,,,,, so im 17 and i live in a huge hose with my bf and my baby sister which is a constant battle as she is only 7 months old and i attened college 3 days a week and have to work 4 days to make ends meet! i started to write this story 'kate' because i have so many things that i need to get off my chest!!!!!!! i feel that when i finish writting this story i will feel better in myself.....

bye bye xoxo

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