a 28-year-old cat from San Juan, PR, Puerto Rico

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"Meduna dreamt, thus we exist."

Well, what can I say?

I've been on a writer's block for about five years, a time on which at least I can say that my English has improved.  English is not my first language (Spanish being my first), so I've been learning through reading, and writing to my friends on the Internet.

Since I have memory, I have been imagining stories in my mind, often picturing them as lively as movies.  One of my greatest dreams has always been to tell my stories.  Writing is just one of those ways in which I intend to do so.

But there is so much I have yet to learn, and that's why I joined Protagonize.

Other, Random Facts:

  • You could say I'm a "geek"; especially for the Web.  I am always working on various Web projects.  I like to design and program websites, and come up with original ideas.  You can find my main website and blog at
  • I have run forum roleplaying (play-by-post) communities in the past, and currently I am in the process of giving that another chance.  I am opening the new site soon, I hope.
  • And of course, I like roleplaying.
  • World-Building is one of my "secret" passions.  Not many people know that I practice this hobby.  :)  I have been away from it for a long time, though, so it is understandable.
  • I love Fantasy and Sci-Fi, but I am also a hopeless romantic.  ;)
  • Other genres or themes I like are: historical, philosophical, psychological, paranormal, supernatural, drama...
  • I tend to mix various genres in the same story.
  • If I were in a high-fantasy universe, I would probably be a magic user.
  • I ADORE cats!
  • I like furries/anthros.  :P
  • I am a tree-hugger.  I love nature!
  • I enjoy to draw, too.  I mostly draw fantasy and nature subjects.
  • Gamer girl all the way!
  • Been a tomboy my whole life, and I'll probably stay that way, even though now I look more feminine.
  • I love reading comics, especially online.  I am crazy for web comics and manga!
  • I like watching anime too -- preferably subbed.
  • I started learning Mandarin Chinese last year, but did not continue practicing, so I've forgotten most of it.  I plan to recover, though!
  • I am strict with grammar and spelling; almost to the point of being obsessive, but it's usually with my own.
  • One of my main sources of inspiration is music.  I cannot live a day without music.  :)

Want to know me some more?  Please pay me a visit at my blog, and view my main profile page!

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