a 23-year-old girl from the United Kingdom

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"When I think of the future; my heart starts dancing."

Life is fickle. At the best of times it is your friend at the worst
you’re most despised enemy; but to me it is always magic.
I never really create Anything but that dosent mean I don't try
to. I usually have something of a goal in mind if I could inspire
something, anything almost, in someone I would be happy. I like
to take an idea and run with it though admittedly it tends to lead
nowhere. Still, I am often obsessed with whatever idea I have in
my mind. A goal that often distracts me from something I should
be doing. Something commomplace in my mind is the great lack of
freedom that exists in this world, the way that whichever way
you turn there will be an obstruction in your way, and the
somewhat romantic idea this should be changed.
At least that is how I see things.

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