a 23-year-old kid from Naic, Cavite, Philippines

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"SANITY?? Sorry, I don't remember having such a useless thing in the first place." - Zaraki Kenpachi

So, yeah, I should probably introduce myself. 

*coughs* HIYA! I'm Dave!.. okay, that was lame. LOL

anyway, I'll just tell you some things about me (even if you dun want me to, coz I'm evil..LOL)

- I entered college at 15, I'm currently a BS Psychology student. (yeah, I'm young. I hope I graduate at 19.)

- I appreciate ALMOST all kinds of music. I'm a vocalist myself. I sing pretty well. and I dance pretty well too.

- Kindly guess my nationality. Many people get confused with this. They either say I'm Japanese or Korean... I'll keep you guys guessing for fun.

- I'm a bookworm. Aren't all people in this site one?

- I'm a sucker for sweet stuff.


- People are afraid of my glares. They say that at first, they thought I was a badass, arrogant, stuck-up fool.

- I'm an Ice Prince... that only applies when I don't know you or if you're not close with me.

-Type B here.

- I'm a '93 kid. The age where seemingly great kids were born... LMFAO.

I'd have much to say but.... YEAH, Protagonize is asking for a profile here, not a book about my life...

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