a 31-year-old male from Antwerp, Belgium

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"You never see the hurting times in a photo album, but it's those that get you from snapshot to snapshot."

Ever since I grew up I loved writing.
Guess you heard that one before.

Now, after moving, I rediscovered lots of my old drafts, writing attempts, little stories,... and it hit me.
I never stopped writing.
I just didn't take the time anymore.

So here I am.
Rekindling the fire within.
The fire of writing.

A flame we all carry in our hearts.

My name is Michiel, or Lime, you can call me Lime if you want to... Nice to meet you!
I'm a very open minded friendly person, always willing to assist where needed :)

I self published a childrens book about a Pirate Cat, just because I could.
Not to make money, because that never works out with self publishing. You barely sell any, most of the time.
But hey, now I can say "I published a childrens book, and it has my name and all on it! And it's about a Pirate Cat, and a Ninja Puppy!". You know that feeling is so worth it.

Oh, and by the way, I already know that I like you.
Because you took the effort to read this :) 

Lessthanthree.                        <3.

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