a 19-year-old dame from a new kind of world

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"“It goes on, this world, stupid and brutal. But I do not. I do not.” ― Jennifer Donnelly, Revolution"

Aria, 18, vagabond suppressing wanderlust.

Forgive me, for I'm made of thorns.

Please Note: If you see a mistake in my work or have a suggestion to improve it, please tell me. Critiques are much desired. Don't worry about ripping off the band-aid.

I mostly dabble in short stories and poetry typically of the fantasy nature, but I've dipped my feet into every genre -- from horror to auto-biography (the vague, flowery sort), to drama and run-off action adventures. However, at the end of the day I'm a fantasy writer at heart. 

Along with all those useless facts, I'm an avid gamer and blogging enthusiast. [If you ever wanna play something online together, hit me up!]


Starting from when I was a little girl, I would sit, watch, and worship video games I couldn't yet understand or play with my tiny hands. I did this and did it obsessively, all whilst chewing on controller cords. Later on, however, I picked up a controller like a fish to water...and I, can you imagine, still cannot aim for the life of me.

Blogging is a bit different for me. And by blogging, I don't mean detailing my life onto a webpage, but rather prattling on about my lengthy affections for all sorts of media and fictional characters. Tumblr is where I'm more frequent on for that sorta thing.

Outside of that, I'm not active much and won't be a regular poster unless collaborating. 

What else then? Current collabs:. 

  • I am currently working on "Romantic Equations Behind the Business", the rewrite. And yes, it is a very dumb name, but also the brain child of me and Trish. Yes, our very own Trish. We had a kid, then several and well...It's deserving of a rewrite. In her words: "Business scandals, a rebellious teenage chick, a nerd who just can't stand the spotlight, and a hottie from another universe called 'wild': need I say more?"

['*' represents works I would very much like your opinion/critique on.]

Recommended Poems (a growing list):

Individual Prose Pieces (a growing list): 

I DO have previous works on here that are old but am very fond of including: Mass Effect: the Shattered Alliance, The Sistren of RandomnessA Collection of Twists, and Romantic Equations Behind the Business (the original). Collaborative works all of them, but close to my heart. 

If you by chance favorite my work, leave a comment, or become a fan, I thank you in advance!

I don't always have the time or drive to respond to every bit of support I receive, no matter how big or small, but I appreciate it very, very much and I will be forever grateful for it all. If you DO want to talk to me directly, shoot me an ask on my tumblr. There's a link provided. 

I hope you all have a lovely day.

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