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"'You really suck, you know that?' Fruits Basket 'I have a little sister named Kiyoshi, which means 'Quiet. But that is a lie."

My name is Arekususu Rin Aiko, aka Jiji. I love writing- I've wrote all sorts of fanfic since I was eight. It helps nerves. True, I'm a bit childish, but everyone likes me like that!

Fave books:

Harry Potter

Leven Thumps

Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit

Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Fruits Basket (manga)

Tokyo Mew Mew (manga)


I used to play video games all the time- including Kingdom Hearts. When I play a video game, I normally get so hyped up I start panting and it messes up my nerves. But I loved it. Now I'm more of a computer-type person . . . and I love it, too!

My fave animals are tamerins (teacup monkey things) and cats. I think cats are my all-time fave animals! I had about five in my life, and they all have A names, for some reason. There are Ami, Arisa, Ai, Ayame, Akako, and my newest kitten is my little calico Akina!

I have a little sister named Kiyoshi, which means 'Quiet'. That is a big lie.

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