a 31-year-old gentleman from Wales, United Kingdom

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"Between the horses of love and lust we are trampled underfoot"

As September 1st 2008 ushered in I was overwhelmed by a sense of unfulfillment.

I had just turned 23, and for all my plans and aspirations I realised that I was nothing more than a deflating balloon, finally letting out all the unnecessary air and contemplating my future with a level head.

I love to write, and I am working on a series of short stories and a novel. 

I am most comfortable writing character/thriller fiction, and all forays into other genres have often led to disaster.  I have joined Protagonize as a way of seeking feedback for my fiction.  For the stories and the prose that come with them.  I have not offered up my work to critics, so I urge you to comment once you have read, even if it is just to say whether or not you enjoyed my work.

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