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"Great ambition is the passion of a great character. Those endowed with it may perform very good or very bad acts all depends on the principles which direct them." -Napoleon Bonaparte

"I'm here now!" - that's just something I say a lot in the collaboration and brainstorming groups.

I am Archangelx (my not so famous pen name) and I write because I believe in giving 110%. My realm of writing is realism be it in fantasy or sci-fi because we humans always underestimate ourselves. Yeah we have a bunch of things to help us and we aren't exactly the brightest beings on Earth all the time but there is just something about us humans that we love (other than ourselves.)

If I could sum up humanity in just one sentence it would be; innovation is the heart of humanity and faith is the soul. I illustrate in my works the will power of humans and push them to the limit because I believe that humanity is capable of so much more.

If you're ever looking to collaborate I'm always around (sooner or later) to help out. My specialty is world construction, I can help build an entire setting, backstory, and universe and do it with ease if you need me to. If you ever need a hand just shout out!

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