a 22-year-old dudette from Some place thats not all that, United Kingdom

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"The Mad Hatter: There is a place. Like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger! Some say to survive it: You need to be as mad as a hatter. Which luckily I am. - Mad Hatter Imagination is more important than knowledge. Albert Einstein"

Well hello there, I have no idea what may have drawn you to my page but I'm glad you're here and hope you aren't about to leave again.

I have never been particularly good about talking about myself but for the few of you who may actually be interested, My name is Amber, I'm a 21 year old, Final year (final months I should say) British university student studying Sociology and Criminology (people and psycos as I like to think of it) I've been writing on and off for about 6 yearsish. I've always been somewhat imaginative, being an only child who lives out in the middle of no where will do that to you, and i figured i'd finally start to put pen to paper and make something of it (i'll leave the decision as to whether that was a good idea or not up to you).

I love working on collaborative pieces and have a few ones on here with some people, however they have all unfortunately been abandoned so far for one reason or another. If you'd like to work on something with me then let me know, It'd be awesome to actually get through one. I also, clearly, have a few pieces that I've been working on myself and would be extremely grateful if you'd take a look and leave some constructive comments. 

I love reading, as many writers do, and have an extensive list of works that I've read over the years. I'm currently very very into the dystopian/futuristic genre (which is reflected in my current work) however I'm very much starting to notice a trend of boy meets girl style story lines (not that that's a bad thing, just an observation) 

Anyways, I will stop rambling and let you decide what you wish to do here, hopefully take at least a glance at my work. If you've stuck with me till here thank you very much and maybe hear from you? 

Peace and love


AKA Aradia_Llewelyn xx

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