a 24-year-old ragamuffin from Monocle Isle

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"We are all failures-at least, all the best of us are."

Well, everyone be gentle with me...I'm not good with new things...

I'm typically a fantasy writer, but I do a lot of teen fiction stuff too about the growing pains of adolescence and suchlike and suchforth. I'm obsessed with the past, so a lot of my stories have a lot of historical content in them, be it the 18th Century/Victorian steampunk world of Fortose where my favourite disgraced nobles run around causing trouble, or the 1970s clash of subculture :) I'm the changeable type.

I'm currently working on Stallion Song, a pirate story set on Fortose (and believe me, it is not just pretty pirates waving swords around, it gets heavy) as my primary work, but I have a few other stories floating around too, so I can't wait to share them all with you.

Aside from writing, I draw too-not excellently, but it pleases my inner child. My deviantART account's linked below if you feel like snooping!

Hope you enjoy my work!

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