a 26-year-old female from Midland Tx, United States

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I am Apache Indian, I am proud to be a Pentecostal holy ghost woman, baptized in "JESUS NAME" (Acts 2:38). I have a learning disability and Cerebral Pasly. I am very lucky I don't have it as bad as most people do, when I tell them I have it, they go really, you don't look like you do, lol. But I do, I thank Jesus every day, because I can walk, run, jump, talk, and write, I can drive car, I live on my own, its great. Even though I have a hard time with certain things, like grammar and where to put certain things in a story, I still keep on writing. I love to write. One day I hope I get to meet Michael and Eddie Spears, Adam Beach, West Studi, ect. I have quite a collection of movies on them to sign, if I do meet them.

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