a 49-year-old guy from Fakey-town, NS, Canada

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"Religion is for those who believe in hell. Spirituality is for those who have already been there."

Glenn is a two-time runner-up of the annual "Short, fat, bald-headed guys 1 Mile downhill Marathon" and is training hard to win it all, despite a recent doping scandal and allegations that he is neither short nor bald.

Glenn is currently seeking a paid gig as on-call chauffeur for a young, nubile, nymphomaniac, billionnaire-heiress party-girl so that he can spend more time on his writing.

Glenn is a self-described Apostle of Chaos, and before briefly filling in for Satan (during Lucifer's brief flirtation with transcendental mediation), Glenn ghost-wrote "The Da Vinci Code" for Dan Brown and discovered every element on the periodic table - except Boron.  In his spare time, Glenn enjoys walking on the beach with his yellow lab, and ruling Cyprus with an iron fist

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