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"Writing should be fun. The moment it ceases to be, trash what you have and write something else. If you come back to your works and rekindle the joy carry on, if you can't - just move on. We develop too much attachments to that which halts our progress."

Er... welcome intrepid readers.

I hope you enjoy my works, review, critique and generally have a look at what I write!

You may have noticed, I am rather sporadic in my update schedule *bad author - slaps hand* but I will endeavour to keep my readers interested with, hopefully, interesting and gripping pieces of good length.

In the world at large, I'm a Dental Nurse and Radiographer, in a small blues/funk/soul band as the lead female vocalist and, don't laugh at me, a fanfiction writer. What can I say about that? I enjoy having the world, lore and even some characters already written for me, so much energy is used in creating a world when sometimes the author is better with dialogue, emotion or description and creating their own world can ruin some authors works to some extent. It's therapeutic to just know what you're writing without having to look at notes or wrack your brains to keep things consistent. It's almost the same as collaborative writing.

I also have a multitude of health problems, too numerous and too boring to mention other than the fact they exist. If you're that interested, pick up a medical journal and read that rather than asking me the ins and outs of my medical history. I'm sure it'd be more interesting besides than hearing me wax lyrical about my prescriptions!

I'm an avid fan of science fiction, fantasy and works that bridge the two genres together. My main inspirations for writing are Sir Terry Pratchett, Issac Asimov and Robert Heinlein - their books have captured my imagination since I've been able to read.

Now I'm sure you're bored with reading about me. Go read about my characters.

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