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" ...With every footstep my story continues."

Life presents us all with challenges we must face no matter how difficult it may be. At the young age of 8 years old I was faced with a challenge that ill  never be able to fully overcome. Being diagnosed with ADHD, BPD, Severe Anxiety & Depression was extremely difficult for me. I had already felt different within  myself but I now felt different from my peers. Thinking back I remember always being questioned as to why I would have to leave early multiple times a week. In fear of being judged I was always left to make up some excuse as to why I would be leaving. Therapy has always been an important part of my life but at 10 years old I began to see a different type of therapist. I was extremely hesitant to see this new therapist except now I owe my life to her! She was the only person that really took the time to help me become "me" again.  Even though my journey is far from over I can finally say though that i'm happy in my own body! 

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