a guy from Kolkata, India

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Hey everyone! Am Anwesh.. I live in Calcutta ( i prefer this to Kolkata).. Doing my high school, and actually just a few months of it left so am trying to enjoy it while it lasts.. I am a pretty normal guy with nothing whatsoever to set me apart from the crowd.. I am neither the smart one, nor the good looking one, nor the good singer or dancer.. I can just do a bit of everything.. well, actually.. not dancing.. but rest all's okay with me! My life's pretty simple which involves a basic, simple lifestyle involving a lot of complicated tasks.. I am pretty much random about what i do.. But my priorities have always been Quizzing, Music, Writing, Singing, Playing all sorts of games and so on and so forth.. I do not believe in God, but i am not stupid enough to try and insult someone who does.. I just don't like it when people force me to believe in God.. I do believe in Love and i am a *very* romantic person ;) I wish to get into RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) of the IIA (Indian Intelligence Agency).. Let's see how that goes.. That's all about me i guess.. You take care.. Adios..!!

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