a 21-year-old male from Reading, England, United Kingdom

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"If the whole world worked on an eye for an eye, then this would be a world full of blind people." Muhatmma Gandhi.

Hi, I'm Antony. Now, I'm only 13 years old, but I've been told I'm an extremely good writer. I'm imaginative, funny and a bit weird.

When it comes to writing stories, I mainly do fantasy, with a bit of horror and the occassional science-fiction. However, none of my work has ever made it on to the internet before. I've come 3rd in a writing competition, but that was against people my age. All of my stories are imaginative, because that is what I like.

I'll upload a few soon. I'm planning a full novel named Mind, which I hope to get published. We'll see though. Yes, we'll see...

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