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"Better a witty fool than a foolish wit."

Greetings. I am Sam. Sam I am.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the end of Protagonize. In light of this I bid you all a fond farewell if you come across my profile, but I neglect to visit yours. If you guys want to stay in touch with me, or keep collaborating, then you can contact me at 

My writing tends to be fanciful and poetic. That extends from prose to verse. I can write about any genre with a taciturn slant or lean humour.

I write poetry for my muse, and I'll catalogue it in New Verse.

Some short stories I'm proud of are: 

A Town Called Vengeance A western showdown written in verse. 

The Liberators A modern take on a scene from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, and how it might actually play out nowadays. 

Queen of Faeries ^ About a meeting between a princess and a dangerous forest creature. 

Flamenco A spy is about to be tortured for information. But he might actually enjoy it. 

The Cicadas The search for a dead body in a swamp. (For MATURE readers.)

A Little Bit Funny Is a collection of short stories which I find to be quite funny. Then again, it may just be my sense of humour. (Read Black Velvet. I hear it's especially good.)

And then there's Limb From Limb & Other Frightful Tales which is a collection of short stories with an element of horror and the macabre. (Collaborative.)

As for full length fiction:

Teeth of the Jackal ^ An adventurer is hired to slay a dragon, while at the same time, an assassin tracks him down.

Sell Your Soul A man sells his soul for a young woman to fall in love with him. However, the Devil falls for the same woman.

Where Are You Ivy Warren? Jane Doe wakes with amnesia, in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere, with a gun, a knife, and two dead men lying in the snow.

Byzantine After 70 years, a top secret military operation is exposed. As one party races to understand it, and another tries to suppress it, a mysterious third party takes advantage of the situation.

Cascadia In an alternate future, civilisation is on the verge of collapse, and a terror organisation wants to make sure it happens.

Flight of the Starship Amazon Having narrowly escaped death, the Amazon and her crew drift to a dangerous mining planet. A valuable cargo in their possession... 

Ways to Skin a Cat A billionaire is murdered on his remote island. But he is just the first victim in a long list of suspects. All of them have motive. None of them can escape... (Rewrite of To Only Have Eyes For Twilight as a solo.)

Hotel on the Rocks Just about anything goes on at the Baron Frobisher Hotel. (Intended for hundreds of writers to collaborate on.)

Brothers of Purgatory Two mercenaries are sent to hunt a witch, but one of them falls in love with her. (Co-written by erfranco and Shirayuki.)

A Girl Out of Time Rogue agent and time traveller Danika, is on the run from the agency who trained and experimented on her, when she accidentally drags history professor Joe into her hard life and makes him a target. (Co-written by Shirayuki.)  

Utopia Dystopia About the scandalous lives of the cast and crew of a television show set in a utopian future, which as it turns out isn't so utopian. (Co-written by Stargazer, starwarsfreak117 and mars1103.)

And Afraid of the Dark The companion piece and 'source material' to Utopia Dystopia. Originally written by Winston Paddlemore, Afraid of the Dark is the story of a murder investigation, a frightening new and foreign concept in a utopian society, which the detectives begin to realise is far less idyllic than they once thought.

I'm sorry there are no links for any of the articles I've mentioned. I'm a little handicapped when it comes to computers.

(^- Indicates stories which take place in the same universe.)

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