a shorty from Bloomington, IN, United States

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"Change is inevitable...except from a vending machine."

I don't like writing about myself. But, let's see. I was born in Bloomington, Indiana; i still live there. Umm... I'm sixteen, a sophomore. My favorite classes are choir and math. But, I only like math because because the teacher is super sarcastic and funny, and all my best friends are in that class. I want to be a psychologist or a choir teacher. I'd like to publish books, if it's even possible. My favorit books include: Th1rteen R3asons Why, the Uglies Series, Sybil, Fallen, Need, The Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe, Romeo and Juliet, Abarat, The Twilight Series (yes. Twilight. The books are no where near as dumb as the movies.) Blood Ninja 1 & 2, oh must I go on?

Facts About Me:

-I read too much.
-Orange is the best color.
-I hate shoes.
-Socks are gross too.
-I'm not a girly girl. But, I love dresses.
-Penguins are the cutest animal
-I write really depressing stuff, cause I suck at writing happy stuff. It just sounds so corny and... Blah.
-My boyfriend is the best thing in my entire world<3 I love him to death.
-And yes, sometimes teenages know what love really is. I hate when adults say or you're just kids, you don't know anything. Yeah, shutup before I cut your balls off.
-Me and my friends, aka exteneded family, are the most perverted and random people on this planet.
-Halo Reach, Vindictus, Mabinogi, Need For Speed, Resident Evil, and pokemon (yes, pokeman:P) etc. etc. etc. are my video game loves <3
-If you make the assumption that the movie is only as good as the book, I WILL murder you.
-I am usually grammer freak, except when I am writing poems for some odd reason.
-My mom is a (pardon my french) @@!*% whore.
-My stepdad is a traitor.
-My little sisters mean the world to me.
-My birthdad is amazing<3
-Kiwi's are the best.
-So are banana's and frosted flakes.
-I would die without Tea.
-I'm writing too many facts about myself.
-You're probably not even reading this anymore.
-I have anger issues, slight OCD, ADHD, and the least amount of patience in the world.
-Corny jokes amuse me. And it usually takes me like seven minutes to get them.
-I usually laugh at jokes three times. The first, when you tell the joke, the second when i finally get the joke, and third, at myself for being dumb and not understanding the joke.
-I have a hair dying addiction. My hair has been every color. Natural like hair colors, and colors like red, green, blue, purple, orange, etc. etc.
-Red roses are pretty. Even when they are dead.
-Starbucks is delicioso. I want to work there to learn how to make the stuff, and then quit once I know how and make i at home xD
-I love these smiley faces: c: , :3
-Anime is bombtastic.
-I'm a hippie (without the drugs) haa.
-But I do take cold showers, and jump in lakes, rivers, pools, etc. with literally ice cold water, for a "natural high".
-I do all sorts of weird stuff for a "natural high." It was all inspired by Scott Westerfelds "Uglies" Series. Except they don't call it a "Natural High" they call it bubbly. Which is a much more bombass word haha.
-I made a lot of spelling errors above cause I was typing too fast, as usual. But, I am too lazy to go back through and fix them. Haha

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