a 28-year-old lady from Liverpool, UK, United Kingdom

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"Every Saint has a past. Every Sinner has a future."

I'm Annie. I'm a bit of a free spirit. I'm from a little posh place ouside of Liverpool. I love English Literature and creative writing, as well as playing music. (I sing, play guitar, bass and piano) I'm sudying Music too  . I'm usually a shy outcast so on here I can express my creativity. I'm always active and always on the go. Most night's I don't sleep, that when I create my ideas. I'm a recovered anorexic. I used to dispise running, then I bought a treadmill, so now I'm a little obsessed.  One day I'd like for people all over the world to read my works  in book form, that would be amazing. That way I could afford a swimming pool in my garden. I've dreamed about that since I was nine. I am somewhat tempremental. One minute I'm happy and upbeat and the next I'm moody.  Because of my shy nature, I'm usually not very good at making conversation and after feel awkward. This sometimes makes me seem rude and unaproachable. I'm really not. Although an inferiority complex is something I probably do have. I like nights out and shopping, just like every other girl I suppose. I love tattoos, although I don't have any myself. I love antiques. I love anything Russian. I've had a 'lady gaga' mind set since I was about 8.

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