a 35-year-old bird from Seaside, CA

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"The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance. --The Psalter"

Beauty invades my life every day; I am the servant who buried his master's coin if I let it slip through my fingers.

I have an idea and I think this might be a good place for to try it out with a bunch of other people.

A few months ago I moved to Seaside, California, the sunniest patch of the Monterey Peninsula. I never dreamed I'd live here, but I have, in the course of my reading, envisioned life on the Central Coast with the help of several books written about this  neck of the woods; mainly Steinbeck's stuff and Kerouac's Big Sur. As I revisit these works, they take on a kind of mythology, and now everything I see makes me wonder about the story behind it, and to begin to make them up if I don't know them.

A lot of towns nowadays (at least in the United States) seem to be getting more and more homogeneous as we plant the same stores and restaurants in each one. They do a pretty good job of concealing, or even changing, the story of a place. But towns do not come to be known and loved by the presence and location of their Bed, Bath and Beyond.

What stories could happen in your town?

For the time being, I plan to devote my Protagonist presence to promoting writing about the places where I have lived and where you live.

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