a 21-year-old chica from CBS, Newfoundland, Canada

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"When the world is unfair, simply make a new one."

Seventeen years is a long time to go through some bad experiences, but it doesn't take you long to figure out on your own that life isn't fair and never will be. Writing is an escape, it's my only piece of sanity sometimes. Which is ironic, because some of the best ideas are driven from INsanity. Writing is my vice, my peace of mind, my world. So here I invite you into my world, and quite frankly not all of you will like it. But you're not supposed to. My stories aren't written to be liked, though I'll be happy if you do like them. They are simply written to be written. Something to say "I was here, and this was how I saw the world."

This is my world, and welcome to it.

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