a 15-year-old ragamuffin from Wayzata MN, United States

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"I meant what I said and I said what I meant. An Elephant's faithful 100%"

I love to write and ride horses! Those two are my main hobbies. But in addition to that I also draw, bake, act, make movies (check out my youtube channel state muffin studios), do photography and play with my dog Trixie. I'm very creative and kind of silly, but only in real life. My writing is practical, I'm not saying it doesn't have any humor, its just not the word "walrus" written over and over. I am also very smart. I love history the most and HATE math. I think WWII is the most interesting event in history and I like to write about it a lot. I put up a ton of poetry on Protaganize but I also love working on creative stories. I just keep them on a different app, not here. I'm currently busy with two novels but I don't think either will get up off the ground. I try not to get my head too far up in the clouds. I hope though, to someday complete them and I work towards that goal every day.

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