a 28-year-old female from the United States

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"The people who matter don't mind, and the people who mind don't matter."-Dr. Seuss.

I never know what to say on these things. I am me. A woman in her twenties who loves to sing, write, read, draw, netflix and chill.
I'm a huge fan of goth/alt/rave/ subcultures, the fashion and music that goes with them and any and all fantasy/scifi/supernatural/mystery genres. I'm here because I have a vivid imagination and there are stories in my head that i want to get out and share with the world.

To the intrepid reader; I hope you enjoy my work and that it brings you into the worlds created in my mind. Please comment, vote and share. I welcome PM's as well. Thank you for reading and please come back anytime, grab a hot cup of coffee or tea, snuggle up with your favorite blanket and let me tell you a story or two.

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