a 23-year-old cat from Michigan, United States

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"you can scream out loud, but your panic falls on deaf ears. there's a faceless crowd with no symapthy. So scream out loud, but there's no one listening!" "A heart attack is sleeping in your chest, waiting until the timing best. To make a move, while your still breathing. Say so long to innocence, from underneath the evidence. You taste like heaven, but god knows your built for sin."

Um. ello there, my name is Heaven

Well, i'm a Female and not a very normal person. I can be fun, random hyperactive, and outgoing when i'm with friends. but when in a group of people or around alot of people i don't really know i am a bit shy. i'm a nice person atleast i think so. Well as long as you don't get on my nerves or do something i dont like to my friends. I always stick up for my friends and protect them, or have their back. My best friend has a protagonize as well her name is Holli so check out her stories as well. She is also a good writer! I can be a bit slow at writting so please forgive me. But i'm a very creative person and I'm single. thanks for visting me!

Pweas read my stories, Thank you! ^-^

                                                           ~Heaven x_0~

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