a 65-year-old man from Great Ponton. Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

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"Love is a very precious thing. Like any other delicate and precious thing you must look after it with care."

I lived in Europe for a number of years. Working in vineyards, building oil rigs, selling wine across Europe. Fell in love with a Polish girl. followed her to Poland. got married , had a son. All in all probably the best years of my life. My children say that I tell a good story and that I should write them down. So, that's what I've started doing. 

 When I was 13 I went to France for the first time. I made a fishing spear from a cane and a kitchen fork. We caught frogs and Daniels' grandmother prepared the legs. I ate several.

I've not had any formal writing experience so I hope that you will forgive the simplistic style. 

I'm a fan of all Star wars films.

I've followed Star Trek from the beginning.  Still watching repeats even this morning. My phone is still an old flick open Samsung we call "Beam me up Scotty". My son thinks I'm loony.

I love new technology. I want to live long enough to see robots walking the streets. To see a manned base on the moon. To watch men walking on Mars.

Favourite T.V. program ?  Has to be. Big Bang Theory.

Favourite books.

Lt, Gen. H. Moore: We were Soldiers once, and young.  & We are Soldiers still.

James Herriot: Vets books.

Jane Goodall: In the Shadow of man.  Desmond Morris. The Naked Ape

Karl Pilkington: The Moaning of Life.

Douglas Adams. Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy.

Gerald Durrell. All books.

Isaac Asimov.  The early books.

BEST FILMS.  We were Soldiers once and young. Battle of Midway. Hamburger Hill. The Founding of a Nation. Zulu. Zulu Dawn. Wrath of Khan. Days of Glory. Saving Private Ryan.

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