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"You do not choose your destiny, it chooses you."

◖ Mohinder Suresh ● NBC's Heroes RP ● Multi-verse/ship ◗

Mohinder is on a mission to prove that he’s worthy of his wings and halo - to fully earn them. Although he can’t remember his past at the moment or how he became an angel in the first place, that doesn’t stop him from trying to better the world.

Name: Mohinder Suresh (Angel version)
Canon: Heroes
Canon Point: Post-canon AU
Height: 5’10
Weight: 160 lbs
Sexuality: Het
Place of Birth/Hometown: Chennai, India (Formerly named Madras, India)
Accent: Although he’s from India, they changed his accent to a British one on the show because of where he went to college. I don’t write it out phonetically, but I try to capture it in his speech pattern instead.
Pre-angel History: (Link will go here)

◖ - Personality - 

Before his ascension, Mohinder already had a big heart, but now that the weight of his past has been lifted from his shoulders, he’s more easily able to show compassion and love without hesitation or paranoia. He understands the responsibility his halo and wings represent and will attempt to make the forces above proud of him by helping others and healing the world however he can.

With that said, he is still the same Mohinder underneath it all, but now with an optimistic, super sweet shell. His curiosity, awkwardness, and snark can still be brought out of him if the situation calls for it, although now he appears to have a lot more patience. And even though adjusting to the life of an angel will not be as easy as it sounds, Mohinder knows that he can’t give up, no matter what obstacles come his way. 

◖ - Traits - 

This is where I will attempt to list all the facts about his appearance, powers, and weaknesses. His angelic traits are not based on any particular show or myth.

When not in his true form, he appears in all respects as a normal human. Those that have the ability to sense the supernatural may pick up on his presence though. When revealing his true form, he gains wings and a slight glowing aura. When having to go on the offensive, his eyes will whiten and he is able to pull a holy weapon of his choosing out of thin air.

  • Skin Color: Same as before.
  • Body Temp and Heartbeat/Pulse: Same as a human.
  • Reflection/Shadow/Breath: Yes
  • Wings: Majestic in wingspan and pure white in color but shimmer with a bronze tint when the light hits them. They are very sensitive to touch.
  • Halo: As a modern angel, his halo is kept hidden as a naval ring. This is also sensitive to touch.

Powers that deal with the mind such as telepathy, persuasion, and illusions will not work on him.

  • Immortal: Yes
  • Enhanced Strength: Yes
  • Enhanced Senses: Yes, including being able to sense a person’s light energy level.
  • Enhanced Speed: Yes
  • Enhanced Healing: Yes – Regeneration.
  • Flight: Yes, but must be in true form with wings out.
  • Shapeshifting: Can shift into various animals to conserve energy and/or blend in/hide. While in animal form, his angelic presence cannot be detected, but he is also powerless except for being able to communicate with the animals.
  • Empathy: He can fully interpret and replicate the emotions, moods, and temperaments of others through touch.
  • Mediumship: Can perceive and communicate with spirits and those who are in the afterlife.
  • Weather Manipulation: Can sense, create and control meteorological patterns, creating rain, wind, hail, lightning, snow, sleet, fog and temperature changes. This includes the ability to generate various natural phenomena or control the intensity of the weather in highly concentrated (inside room) or vastly extended (continental) areas.
  • Wound Transferal: Can shift damage from the wounded onto himself, regardless of whether it is physical, mental, spiritual or supernatural. His regeneration will heal him, but the process is much slower having just used energy healing another.
  • Weapon Creation: Can create simple weapons from nothing or by shaping the existing matter or energy. So far, Mohinder’s favorite weapon is the crossbow.
  • Light Manipulation: He can summon and manipulate light. This is an ability that he is currently working on mastering as it is the most complicated skill in his arsenal requiring the most concentration.

In order to fully earn his wings and unlock his past, Mohinder must do all he can to help others. There is no set quota he has to reach; as long as he is making an effort to do good, it counts.

  • Injury to the heart or brain: Immobilizes
  • Darkness: Causes drowsiness
  • Decapitation: Immobilizes until head is reattached. Very uncomfortable.
  • Drowning: Weakens
  • Fire: No effect.
  • Demonic Symbols/Blood: Can weaken all the way to immobilize depending on how much faith is put into the object.
  • Demonic Rituals/incantations: Like most all angels, he is very susceptible to these. If sent back to heaven, all memories of the person who was responsible will be erased. When he returns to earth, he will know someone “killed” him, but he will have no clue who it was or why and will go on about his business unless the plot says otherwise.
  • Seven Deadly Sins: Whenever he commits one or more of the deadly sins, he will weaken. Depending on the severity of the situation, he may also fall asleep for a few hours. During this time, he is defenseless.
  • Electronics: This isn’t so much a weakness as it is a glitch. Electronics and electricity seem to randomly malfunction around him.

Feeding and Reproduction

  • Diet: Normal human food but he can also be sustained by absorbing light energy.
  • Fertile: No, although sex is still possible.
  • Transforming others: Since he does not know how he became an angel yet, he wouldn’t know where to begin in helping someone else become one.

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