a 21-year-old guy from Asheville, North Carolina, United States

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So I guess this is the place where I tell you all the facts about me: the who, the where, the why, the how. I guess I could tell you that I'm a gay, hopelessly romantic teenage boy living in the glamorous metropolis of Asheville, North Carolina. I could tell you about all my hobbies and goals and all of those enthralling nuggets of information that one would share on the first day of school with a nametag stuck to one's shirt. Or, I could tell you about what really matters.


I love words. I love everything about words. I love the way they sound, the way they feel, the color words are in your head, that feeling when you find the perfect word to use. I love what words are capable of--the emotion words produce, the way they flood our imaginations with new worlds of wonder and infinite allure. Words are like people in number and personality, and I'm always meeting new and fascinating words. Each word has a story, a life, a destiny. Every word has mood swings, from excited to sleepy to heroic to romantic. And writing is a way of introducing these words to new friends, enemies, and lovers. It is a way to reconcile relationships that have been long forgotten and a way to spark new connections. Writing, and words, allow me to escape the confines of my existence and soar among the celestial planes of raw and complete beauty, imbibing in my every pore the infinite freedom of unstoppable creativity.

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