a 22-year-old git from Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

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" Im not a racist! I hate everyone equally." - Peter Seibert

This is Kealyn Joseph Seibert. A sixteen year old male, hailng from the picturesque Okanagan Valley. He is about five-foot eleven-inches, weighing in around one-hundred-eighty-five pounds. He has no piercings, but has three tattoos.

Kealyn is a closet-creative, rarely venturing out from his private thoughts and messy scrawlings, to share his work and ideas with others. Therefore, in of itself, joining this community is a large step out of his proverbial shell.

His favorite authors include, but are not limited to: George R.R Martin, Julia Gray, Brian(and the late Frank)Herbert, Stephen King, and Dean Koontz.

Kealyn enjoys and absolutly loves all artforms, be it painting, sculpting, other abstract forms, poetry and prose, and above all others, Music.

Music is as much a part of Mr. Seibert as a limb, a reflection and tool used just as much, or more so, than a hand or foot. It is a lusterous landscape in which he plumbs and devles, searching, befriending entities and creatures all along the way, in every pocket and corner.

These are some of the favorite scuptors and shapers of this land, that often leave their mark on Kealyn's own little niche. Radiohead, Silversun Pickups, John Coltrane, Five Finger Death Punch, and others,

Kealyn Joseph Seibert found that music, though, was not the only viable outlet for expression, so he has moved on to writing, which he has always loved. At the most, he would love to find a enormous boon of criticism and review, from a community of very honest, well-meaning people. At the least, he would like to find some very good authors here, and for him to enjoy and explore their little worlds.

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