a 22-year-old kid from Bristol, UK, United Kingdom

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"Be youself, don't take anyone's !!#^, and never let them take you alive." -- Gerard Way, My Chemical Romance.

Well ... hi there, everybody :] I'm Alice. I'm fourteen years old, and currently aspiring to be a novelist or musician. I currently like to write short stories about my original characters. I have quite a lot, but you'll mostly see two: Talon Fieldfare and Phoenix Cole (or Phoenix Worth when he gets married). Yes, both are gay; I'd rather not get homophobic comments, seeing as I myself am bisexual with a girlfriend. <3 ~ Ahh, young love.

I'd also like to warn you that my stories are likely to contain:

. homosexuality;
. graphic violence
(though this is incredibly rare, seeing as I'm not so fond of it myself);
. sex and some other adult themes;
. occasional offensive terms;
. some strong language.

If you are offended by any of the above, I'd recommend that you run. Run far, far away. D: Also, take note that while my characters may have strong opinions on something, it's unlikely that I share them. xD So if, for example, my character Tobias decided he was going to be racist to some fruit, rest assured -- I would never be racist to a fruit, or a person for that matter. :)

Anyhow, I hope you like my works despite that. Constructive criticism is always welcomed! Thank you xo 

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