a 25-year-old dame from Alberta, Canada

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"You can't stay young, but you can be immature forever!"

Hiya! You can call me Ancient, Tasha or Jein; whichever you want. I love writing, but I just don't seem to be able to finish anything, so this is a good site for me. My sister, Anna, or 'Osperus', as you may know her, introduced me to Protagonize. 

I joined mostly because she's using my Padd family and I wanna contribute! I don't really know what else I'll be posting, but whatever. I probably post something.

I'm a member of and I have the same user name (AnAncientSpirit). I haven't updated on either in a long while, but I haven't given up writing.

I write a lot about gay/lesbian love and sci-fi, romance, fantasy, horror, comedy... anything. I'm not the worlds greatest author, but I love writing and nothing can stop me. Umm... what else to put in my profile?

I read my sister's profile and decided that I should write down what inspires me to write. (thx 4 the idea, Ozzy!)

TV: Bleach, Corner Gas, Dark Angel, Stargate (both)

Movies: Resident Evil (Trilogy), 300, The Grudge (all, including the Japanese versions), Sleepover, The Others, She's The Man

Music: Sixx A.M., t.A.T.y., Escape The Fate, Three Days Grace, Fall Out Boy, Marilyn Manson

Video Games: Resident Evil, Fable, The Sims

I'm very open-minded. I'm Wiccan, even though my spell-checker keeps trying to tell me I'm a Wick?

I'm addicted to moosic! And Videogames! I am a real Resident Evil and Fable nerd. I cannot WAIT for Fable II! AAAAAAAAAAAAH! I want the collector edition!!!! I CAN'T WAIT, DARNNIT! Now that that's out of my system, I'll shut up.

On another note, I no longer enjoy Facebook. In fact, I hate it.

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