a 26-year-old female from Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada

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"Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has. -Margarete Mead"

A poor and slightly starving university student with too much time on her hands, I do not write enough and am not developing my skills as I should. While reading and writing is my life, I live, eat, sleep and breath the English language; as of late I have found my self doing more staring at the blank pages of my notebooks then filling them with words. Alas I fear I have come down with Writers Block. A nasty virus that can sit in your brain for weeks before being fully healed.  This is awful for I have a million ideas, but seem unable to form the beautiful sentences I could once form with such ease. I hope that reading some of the fine pieces on here my Writers Block will be healed and I will once again join the thousands of people out there as addicted to story writing as I.

If you didn't grasp from before I am a University Student, and a poor one at that. I am an English Major with a concentration on English literature, I plan on getting a Ph.D and writing for the rest of my life. I attend Bishop's University for my undergrad work, and will be going to Mcgill for my Masters and Ph.D.

Now for less serious stuff, I am 18 and just moved back to my home town of Sherbrooke. Though... I grew up in Morden Manitoba I have always felt more at home here in Quebec. I am rather absent minded, inconsistent and almost a walking contradiction. I am opinionated, outspoken, logical and completely emotional. Never a dull moment around me that is for sure.

I look forward to reading and posting things on here. I hope you enjoy my works.

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