a 25-year-old male from Cambridgeshire/Lancashire, United Kingdom

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"No bird soars too high, if he soars with his own wings" -- William Blake

Silly Protagonize won't let me post up a profile picture! >:/ I shall try again later. Anyway...

I'm a bit of a dreamer, ultimately. I love the countryside, and could spend my whole life surrounded by it -- cities, by comparison, can sometimes make me feel uncomfortable. I suppose I'm a romantic in the broad sense of the word: in love, in nature, in temperament, and sometimes use poetry as an outlet for these, as and when I may. However, I endeavour more to write narrative poems/ballads. I find them harder to write than lyrical verse, so I've thus far written more of the latter than the former, but they are much more rewarding -- providing they come out okay.

Some personal favourite writers: Homer, Euripedes, Spenser, Marlowe, Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Shelley, Blake, Byron, Keats, Rossetti, Elizabeth Browning, Donne, Herbert, Milton.

Oh, and I always write in archaic language, mostly in metrical feet and rhyme, in some poems more than others: very neo-formalist, just personal preference. I know it's not really a popular style, but just tell me what you think anyway, I'd love to near it, good or bad.

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